‘Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one
wild, precious life?’

Mary Oliver

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a a healing process. It takes place in the context of a one-to-one relationship that offers you a safe space to inquire into your concerns and the aspects of your life seeking your attention.

Life can leave us feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of navigating the profound and often unexpected changes that occur along the way.

The intention of Core Process Psychotherapy is to support you to discover how you relate to your experience. The process of discovery can help you to develop the mindfulness and resources to withstand the winds of change, and to embody much more of your innate wellbeing.

It is a depth therapy that draws on and combines the wisdom and compassion of Buddhist teachings with western approaches to psychotherapy.

A fundamental principle of this therapeutic approach is that awareness is curative. Cultivating awareness, or the inner witness, helps us to see our patterns and this creates more internal space to be with our experiences as they are. The attachment and identification with limiting or harmful patterns can then begin to soften and fall away and we can integrate and realize much more of who we truly are.

The safe and dynamic space of the therapeutic relationship allows you to explore experiences that may not get a hearing in daily life, or may be too difficult to face or share without support.

Who comes to psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is for anyone who feels stuck, lost, misunderstood, frightened or anxious and wants to find a way to respond to and heal their suffering. In the course of therapy other, deeper questions may surface:

  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • How do I get out of this pattern/cycle?
  • How can I accept myself as I am?
  • How do I make my relationship(s) work?
  • Where do I belong?
  • Why am I still alone?
  • How do I deal with the pain that I am in?
  • How do I fulfill my potential in life?

Here are examples of what we can work with in therapy:

  • Developing trust in relating to self and others
  • Working through difficulties in our relationships
  • Transforming anxiety, fear, stress and depression
  • Moving away from taking medication to healing with mindfulness
  • Embodying more life energy by listening to the felt sense
  • Cultivating inner resources and stronger boundaries
  • Exploring the challenges of a cross cultural identity
  • Overcoming loss and bereavement
  • Living with change, illness and grief
  • Recovering from childhood wounds to self
  • Freeing ourselves from compulsive and addictive behaviour patterns
  • Healing the wounding of shock, abuse and complex trauma
  • Nurturing and embodying our wellbeing creatively
  • Opening to life as our unique spiritual journey

What happens in the sessions?

Every session is a joint inquiry in which I support you to bring awareness to what is happening in the present moment. I listen to you and what you bring to the sessions. I encourage you to open and stay with your experience. This may be to deepen the attention you bring to your breathing and body sensations. I may invite you to express your feelings, or notice the state of mind you are in.

As our body, heart and mind hold both our wellbeing and our wounding the intention is to turn inward, to work slowly and mindfully, and to be guided by the direction of your process. This may include tapping into and developing your inner resources to support your ability to stay both grounded and to stay open as the work deepens.

As the trust in the nature and safety of our therapeutic relationship develops we then discover alongside each other how you can allow more of who you are and how you feel to be welcomed and allowed into consciousness, and into relationship.

How long does therapy take?

Everyone is unique, and so is the process. Psychotherapy works deeply, and it requires commitment and time to bear fruit. The patterns that have shaped us are laid down early, in the womb and at birth. They are intergenerational, familial, archetypal as well as personal. Core Process Psychotherapy takes account of our boundless spiritual nature. This also points to the openness of the invitation that is at the heart of this work.

The time in therapy is as long or as short as it needs to be. For some people it may be enough to work on a particular issue, to be supported through a crisis, or to take stock of a particular stage of life. For others it is a time to learn more about themselves, or to get a handle on deeply ingrained difficulties or a life situation that has become chronically limiting to growth, or moving on in life.

How long is each session?

Sessions are for 1 hour, and take place weekly at the same time. The work begins with 6 sessions, followed by a review to consider longer-term work.

How much are the sessions?

My standard fee is £50.00.

Where are the sessions held?

I see clients at The Whole Works in the City Centre, and also at The Salisbury Centre.

How do you contact me?

For more information email . In order to request and arrange a free initial meeting please phone 0771 817 8915.

What is my background?

I am Anglo-German and have a particular interest in the transformative power of language as a skilful means for supporting embodiment, articulating and transforming process, and mapping consciousness. I studied for a B.A. in English Literature at Magdalen College, Oxford. I have an M.A in Core Process Psychotherapy, and am registered with UKCP. I abide by their ethical guidelines.

How to embody truth and bring compassion to the healing of traumatic wounding to the soul are the questions at the heart of my inquiry into the healing process. I am a student of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, and draw on movement, dance and writing to support my spiritual journey, and the life practice of learning to be present.

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